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High shear emulsifier is a high efficiency dispersing equipment, which is widely used in fine chemicals, petrochemicals, paint, ink, biomedicine, food industry, daily chemical supplies and the relevant fields.
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Featured Products
FDG Dispersing Machine Image
FDG Dispersing Machine
The series of FDG high speed mixers are suitable for producing paint, ink, coating, dyestuff, paper making, etc. in chemical industry.
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FDH High Speed Double Shaft Disperser Image
FDH High Speed Double Shaft Disperser
FDZ Vacuum Dispersing Machine Image
FDZ Vacuum Dispersing Machine
SDF400 Multi-function Dispersing Machine Image
SDF400 Multi-function Dispersing Machine
SDF550 Multi-function Dispersing Machine Image
SDF550 Multi-function Dispersing Machine
About Company Image
Shanghai Farfly Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Our company's main products include mixing equipment, dispersing equipment, high-shearing emulsifying equipment, wet process grinding machine, powder mixing machine and all kinds of reactors etc. We also can design, integrate, install and adjust the whole complete related product line according to customer's request with our main equipments.
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Shanghai, China
No. of Employees
Year Established
Business Type
Manufacturer, Marketing
Factory Size
16000 sq mt
Average Annual Revenue
$10M - $20M
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