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The mixers are used for wet dispersing and mixing liquid-solid material. On-grade speed adjustment by frequency converters, hydraulic elevating, steady work, good dispersing effect, easy maintenance.
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Featured Products
Basket Mill Image
Basket Mill
The milling basket, containing the grinding bead is filled into the mill base; the fast circulation of the mill base within the milling basket is generated by the dispersing disc and integrated pump wheel, and a very narrow particle size distribution can be achieved very quickly.
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FWE Horizontal Sand Mill Image
FWE Horizontal Sand Mill
Wet process milling equipment can produce continuously. It's working principle is the power delivered form high-speed rotor to milling medium and liquid material, through mutual colliding and laminating, so that ultrafine result can be achieved.
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FSP High Flux Sand Milll Image
FSP High Flux Sand Milll
• High flux—technology imported from Germany: static centrifugal discharging devices, large discharge area with high output.
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FDS High Efficiency Super Fineness Sand Mill Image
FDS High Efficiency Super Fineness Sand Mill
Suilable for printing ink, solvent ink, water-based ink, automobile paint, industrial coating, pigments, color paste, and nanometer materials.
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Other Mill
FYG Triple-roller Mill Image
FYG Triple-roller Mill
FB Vertical Sand Mill Image
FB Vertical Sand Mill
FSP-Lab Nano Sand Mill Image
FSP-Lab Nano Sand Mill
FTM-Lab Basket Mill Image
FTM-Lab Basket Mill
FZS Horizontal Sand Mill Image
FZS Horizontal Sand Mill
FTBS Horizontal Sand Mill Image
FTBS Horizontal Sand Mill
Lab Sand Mill Image
Lab Sand Mill
FK Vertical Sand Mill Image
FK Vertical Sand Mill
FD Super Sand Mill Image
FD Super Sand Mill
FG Triple-roller Mill Image
FG Triple-roller Mill
About Company Image
Shanghai Farfly Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Our company's main products include mixing equipment, dispersing equipment, high-shearing emulsifying equipment, wet process grinding machine, powder mixing machine and all kinds of reactors etc. We also can design, integrate, install and adjust the whole complete related product line according to customer's request with our main equipments.
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Shanghai, China
No. of Employees
Year Established
Business Type
Manufacturer, Marketing
Factory Size
16000 sq mt
Average Annual Revenue
$10M - $20M
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